Quality manufactured parts for the firearms industry and more.

For more than four decades, L.W. Schneider, Inc. has earned a solid reputation as one of the most dependable, quality-conscious subcontractors of M16/AR-15 rifle components. In our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in America's heartland, we produce 100% American-made parts for many of the most prestigious companies in the world.
Because your products should carry your reputation and identification, not ours, we intentionally maintain a very low profile within the industry. We really are a well kept secret. To further protect the integrity of the customers we serve, we do not sell direct to retail buyers, dealers or distributors to ensure that we are not in competition with the manufacturers we serve.

L.W. Schneider also places a premium on customer service. Our goal is to meet your needs by providing our customers with a knowledgeable, accommodating customer service staff that's flexible, personable, honest and extremely eager to help you achieve your goals.

We might be a well-kept secret to some, but virtually every tactical rifle manufacturer in the country uses parts manufactured by L.W. Schneider.  We have partnered with several of these   high profile, global companies...as well as with the militaries of the United States, Canada, Israel and others...to provide flawlessly engineered and precision manufactured gun parts. In this critically demanding industry, we have even achieved "dock to stock" status with some of our customers -- a testament to both our consistently high manufacturing quality as well as the very high level of confidence we have developed with our customers.


Rita Saal
Customer Relations/Office Manager

Brian Suarez


We’re Close To Everywhere
Because time in transit and shipping cost are both critical considerations in the delivery of manufactured parts, you’ll like our location. Our manufacturing facility is located in Princeton, Illinois, almost dead center in the middle of the country. We’re less than five minutes from I-80, America’s busiest east/west thoroughfare. When speed is of the essence, air freight is available directly from nearby Chicago, the air hub of the world.

Regardless where you need your parts delivered, L.W. Schneider can deliver them in a timely fashion.

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